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Faithful Exit

Faithful Exit Today, there is an ever growing demand for control over the time, place and means of dying. Many governments are passing laws which allow people to choose death once it appears that their life will end soon anyway.  It is hard to argue with their logic.  Why shouldn’t we have the option of death with dignity rather than the desperate struggle of the suffering in their last days?  This book is not an attempt to argue the legality or morality of assisted suicide. It is birthed from my own encounter with the desire to escape from incredible pain.  In my struggle, I came to the place where I wanted to die, I prayed for death, I longed for it to come but it remained at a distance.  I read books on suicide, made plans on how I could do it and ensure success and walked right up to the edge of that chasm.  Few people really understand the kind of pain that can drive a person to that place.  My encounter with a very rare, un-treatable and painful disease brought me to that place.  As a Christian, I met God there and he taught me some valuable lessons that I want to share with you.  Some of you may feel guilty for even having the feeling that you want to end your life.  Others are even at this moment making a plan to finish it.  I’m not here to condemn you.  Please just take a moment and listen to my story before you do anything.


All Things For Good?

All Things For GoodIt’s not hard to believe that God is good or that he wants good things for those who love him but all things working together for good?

This promise is so incredible, it can be hard to believe. Really God? All things?  And what does God mean by “the good?”  Is it what you and I would call good? Or what God calls good? And are those two the same?


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